Diabetes Care

Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a disease that can affect many organ systems. It can cause damage to blood vessels in the eyes, damage to the kidneys, and damage to nerves in the arms and legs, and severe problems with blood circulation. Dr. Cary Carpenter and CFMA strive to help you control diabetes before damage occurs to major organs. We achieve this by offering quarterly diabetic visits which include testing for glucose, HbA1c and possible organ damage.

During a disease management visit, testing may include the following:

  • HbA1c is a blood test that consists of a blood draw to check a patient's glucose. Repeated at management visits every 3 months to evaluate a patient's control of diabetes.
  • Neurological symptoms Monofilament test- a fast, painless test to check for nerve damage in the feet diabetes.
  • Kidney damage - micro albumin urine testing is available to check for kidney damage.
  • Circulatory symptoms an Ankle-Brachial Index test may be performed to determine blockage or damage to blood vessels in arms and legs from diabetes for referral to cardiology.
  • Eye disease- Your eye health is an important part of your diabetes care. We want to make sure an eye care professional is helping you maintain your eye health. We can help coordinate care to your ophthalmologist.
  • Blood work (In-house lab and Lab companies used).